Apple Watch teardown: Battery is replaceable, other upgrades unlikely

As with practically every high-profile gadget to hit the market, the folks at iFixit took apart Apple Watch Sport to reveal what is inside. There were no new revelations on the hardware. But it looks like the Apple Watch is nearly impossible to repair. The DIY gadget repair website meticulously took apart every possible aspect of Apple […]

Samsung goes round, LG Watch Urbane launches, and other smartwatch news

Samsung today announced that it is releasing an SDK to developers for its next smartwatch so they can create content that will be compatible with the new design. In the announcement, as noted by Android Central, the company showed off a weather themed watch face and a few app displays showing a decidedly round look. […]

Report: AppleCare+ for the $10k Apple Watch will cost $1k

Plan to spend $10,000 or more on an Apple Watch Edition? Then you might want to buy the best protection available… which may cost you another $999. According to 9to5Mac, that’s how much Apple will charge for a new AppleCare+ Protection plan offered exclusively for the company’s most expensive smartwatch models. Update: Now that Apple Watch […]