Apple launches 10.5 inch iPad Air for $499 and up

Apple’s iPad family tree is getting a bit more complicated. Yesterday if you wanted to buy a current-gen iPad you had three choices: an iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Pro. Now the company is bringing back a fourth option: the iPad Air. It sits somewhere between the entry-level iPad and the iPad Pro in terms […]

Apple launches iPad Pro 10.5 with A10X processor (and updated iPad Pro 12.9)

Apple’s latest iPad features a 10.5 inch display with 20 percent more screen space than the company’s 9.7 inch models. But the new iPad Pro 10.5 has slimmer bezels and a compact design, which means the tablet is still just about 1 pound. The new model is powered by a brand new Apple A10X processor […]

Axon Logic’s OS X-compatible tablet available for pre-order

Axon Logic is a Pennsylvania-based company that plans to bring a touchscreen tablet to market. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. But what makes the Axon Logic tablet different is that the company is specifically targeting users that want to install OS X on a tablet. OK, they’re not coming right out and saying […]

Texas Instruments Blaze tablet development platform coming in August

Texas Instruments’ OMAP4 Blaze platform uses an ARM Cortex A9-based chipset which is capable of handling HD video. It also features support for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM radio, and cellular data. In other words, it has everything you need to develop a nice healthy smartphone… or a tablet. SVTronics will start offering a Texas Instruments […]

Things to do with an iPad (that will certainly void your warranty)

It’s been almost 24 hours since the iPad went on sale. In that time, thousands of people have probably spent time surfing the web, watching videos, installing apps, and doing all those things the Apple iPad was designed for. Here’s a roundup of some other things people have done with the tablet in the first […]