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Apple hasn’t killed iTunes for Windows yet… but would rather you use Apple Music or TV for everything but podcasts and audiobooks

Apple’s iTunes hasn’t been a thing on Mac computers for years, but iTunes for Windows is still a thing. But Apple would clearly rather have you use its other apps for most of the functions that used to be exclusive to iTunes. Last year Apple released Apple Music, TV, and Devices apps to the Microsoft […]

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iTunes for Windows is (almost) dead, as Apple Music, TV, and Devices apps hit the Microsoft Store

Apple pulled the plug on iTunes for Mac a few years ago, but the company has kept iTunes for Windows alive since it was the only officially supported way to sync your data between a PC and iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. But now Apple is getting ready to kill iTunes for Windows too. Apple […]

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Lilbits: Apple Self Service Repair expands to Europe, Amazon Prime members can stream Ubisoft games they already own

After launching a Self Service Repair program in the United States earlier this year, Apple is expanding the program to eight countries in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. While some folks have found Apple’s approach to be a little over-the-top in a “do I really want to do this” […]

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Live updates from Apple’s October 2021 “Unleashed” event

Apple is updating its MacBook Pro lineup with new models featuring more powerful Apple Silicon chips, adding a new 3rd-gen set of AirPods Pro to its lineup, and announcing a cheaper Apple Music plan. Here are the latest updates from Apple’s Unleashed event, in reverse chronological order. Update: For more details on Apple’s new laptops […]

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Lossless music isn’t a premium feature anymore (Apple Music and Amazon Music offer it for no additional cost)

Once upon a time lossless audio was a premium service that helped set music streaming services like Tidal apart from the competition… and helped justify higher prices. And by once upon a time, I mean as recently as yesterday. But today two major players in the music streaming space have announced that lossless, high-fidelity audio […]

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Daily Deals (2-15-2021)

Woot is selling Microsoft’s first-gen Surface Headphones for $111 today, which is one of the best prices I’ve seen for a set of good over-ear wireless headphones with active noise cancellation. Or if you’re looking for something cheaper, Samsung’s popular Galaxy Buds true wireless earbuds are on sale for $49 at Walmart. Looking for something […]

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iTunes is dead, long live… Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV

Apple’s iTunes software turned 18 this year. But while it’s just become old enough to vote in US elections, Apple has decided to replace iTunes and divide up its features into a series of separate apps. Of course, iTunes used to do a lot of things including managing and playing music, movies, and podcasts and […]

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Apple unveils iOS 10, opens Siri and Maps to 3rd-party developers

The next version of Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads includes support for new 3D touch gestures, the ability to wake your phone simply by raising it, and more. Apple is also opening up Siri and Apple Maps to third-party developers, allowing you to interact with more apps using Apple’s voice assistant, book a […]

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Lilbits 312: Steam Machines would be faster as Windows Machines

Steam Machines are gaming computers that ship with Valve’s Linux-based Steam OS software. It’s designed to run on a big-screen display and put your gaming experience front and center. The idea is to make gaming PCs a bit more like game consoles… and for the most part Steam Machines seem to do that. But now […]

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Apple Music beta is now available for Android

Apple’s streaming music service is now available for Google Android, making it one of the first major Android apps released by Apple (one of the others is a “move to iOS” app the company released in September). Apple Music is a subscription service that lets you stream songs on demand, listen to curated playlists, or tune […]

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It’s a cross-platform world: Apple Music coming to Android

Apple plans launch its first app for Android phones and tablets later this year. The company’s new Apple Music service launches first for iOS, Apple TV, Mac, and Windows. It’ll be available for those platforms starting June 30th. But this fall Apple Music will also be available for Android. The move makes sense: Apple acquired Beats in […]

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Apple Music combines subscriptions, internet radio, and more

Apple is launching its subscription-based music streaming service. It comes at a time when there’s already plenty of competition from Spotify, Rdio, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, and many others. But Apple figures it’s got a few things going for it that will help set it apart. First, Apple Music is service that offers on-demand streaming of […]