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BlackBerry phones to feature Amazon’s Appstore… for Android apps

One of the things that makes BlackBerry recent smartphones unusual is that although they run BlackBerry OS, they can also run Android apps. The problem is that since these aren’t technically Android devices, Google doesn’t let BlackBerry license the Google Play Store, which can make it difficult for users to actually find Android apps. Enter Amazon. […]

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Windows Store update could make finding apps easier

Microsoft is updating  its app store for Windows 8.1 apps with improved navigation and discovery features in the hopes that the reasons you’re not downloading apps from the store is because you’re having trouble finding them… not because you don’t need them. The new Windows Store includes new groups of categories called “collections,” a persistent navigation […]

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Intel’s app store closes in March (Related: Intel had an app store)

Intel’s AppUp Center is shutting down on March 11th, 2014 and some apps downloaded from the company’s app store for Windows will stop working May 15th, 2015. This probably won’t affect you since you probably didn’t even realize Intel had an app store… which is likely a big part of the reason Intel is pulling […]

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Get $5 to spend in the Amazon Appstore for Android (Dec 24 – 28th, 2013)

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets don’t ship with access to the Google Play Store. Instead users can download apps and games from the Amazon Appstore — but you don’t need a Kindle Fire to use Amazon’s store. You can also download and install the Amazon Appstore on almost any Android device. And there’s a good reason […]

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Jolla’s Sailfish OS phones will feature Yandex.Store for Android apps

Jolla’s Sailfish OS is a mobile operating system based on MeeGo Linux. But since there aren’t an awful lot of mobile apps available for Sailfish, Jolla is hedging its bets by adding support for Android apps and making it as easy for users to find and install Android apps. Jolla’s phones aren’t Google certified devices, […]

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Amazon Appstore now open to HTML5 web apps (as well as native Android apps)

Amazon’s Appstore is a one-stop shop for users to find apps for Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. While the store doesn’t have nearly as many apps as Google’s Play Store (which has a billion apps and counting), you can also install the Amazon Appstore on other Android phone and tablets to download apps you’ve already paid […]

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Lilbits (7-09-2013): Dropbox wants to sync your app data

Dropbox is already one of the biggest players in online storage. But the company wants to be more than that. At its first developers conference, Dropbox introduced new tools that app makers can use to make Dropbox the default save location for their data. By saving your game progress, music playlists, contact lists, or other […]

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Samsung, Intel offer a $4 million bounty for great Tizen apps, games

The first smartphones running the Linux-based Tizen operating system could hit the streets later this year, although some folks have questioned whether Tizen devices will ever really see the light of day. The open source operating system is backed by Intel and Samsung, and the companies appear to be putting a little more money where […]