Daily Deals (12-20-2019)

Looking for a last-minute gift, but don’t want to actually venture out of the house or hope that online retailers can deliver on their promises to deliver by December 24th? Digital gift cards to the rescue — eBay offers cards for hundreds of stores. And if you’ve got an Apple user in your shopping list, […]

AltStore is an alternate App Store for iOS… no jailbreak required

Apple’s iPhones and iPads popularized the idea of app stores, which make it easy to find and install apps and manage updates all from one place. But while competitors like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have all launched their own app stores, they also make it fairly easy for users to install apps from other sources. […]

Lilbits 342: Facebook’s next device might be for your TV

Facebook’s probably on your phone. You might use it on your computer from time to time. And the company recently introduced a smart speaker/display/video calling gadget called Facebook Portal that puts Facebook in your living room, kitchen, or anywhere else in your house. So what’s next? According to a report from Cheddar, Facebook wants to […]

BlackBerry World app store won’t offer paid apps after April 1, 2018

BlackBerry doesn’t make phones that run BlackBerry OS anymore, and the company has announced that it’ll stop supporting the operating system and its associated app store at the end of 2019. But it looks like BlackBerry is going to cripple the BlackBerry experience a little sooner than that. BlackBerry is notifying app developers that it […]

Universal apps that can run on iPhone, iPad, or Mac coming in 2018?

Apple’s iPhone line of products changed the way we think about smartphones… and the company’s App Store also change the way we find and download apps to run on those devices. So it’s not surprising that Apple eventually tried to replicate that success by launching a Mac App Store. But it’s never really taken off. […]

F-Droid gets a makeover (app store for free and open source Android apps)

F-Droid is a third-party app store for Android apps. What makes it different from the Google Play Store is that while there are some free and open source apps available in Google’s store, the only apps you’ll find in F-Droid are FOSS. If you don’t care about those things, you’ll find a much wider selection of […]