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WSA PacMan makes sideloading Android apps on Windows 11 easy

The Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) allows you to run Android apps on a Windows 11 PC. While the software is still in beta, it’s publicly available to anyone in the Windows Insider Preview program running Dev Channel or Beta Channel pre-release builds of Windows 11. When you install WSA, you’ll also get the Amazon […]

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Amazon Appstore will support Android App Bundles (but they’ll be optional for developers)

The process of installing apps on Android devices hasn’t changed all that much since the operating system first debuted well over a decade ago. Whether you’re installing an app from the Google Play Store or from another source, what you’re basically doing is downloading and installing an APK (Android Package) file. But a few years […]

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Sideloading some Android apps could get more complicated as Google pushes Android App Bundles

One of the things that’s long set Android apart from iOS is that while both Google and Apple maintain app stores, Google makes it fairly easy for users to install apps downloaded from sources other than the Google Play Store. It’s a process commonly known as sideloading. But starting later this summer, sideloading some apps could […]

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You’ll be able to install/sideload Android apps on Windows 11 with an APK

Microsoft introduced support for running Linux applications on Windows computers with the launch of Windows 10. Starting with Windows 11 you’ll also be able to run Android applications on Windows PCs. While announcing the feature this week, Microsoft noted that Android apps will be available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 computers, thanks to […]

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Google app for Android may be getting an experimental “Labs” feature

The latest beta version of the Google app for Android has a few lines of code tucked inside that hint at upcoming features, according ton an analysis by 9to5Google. Among other things, it looks like there may be Google Assistant could eventually add support for some new devices, the Continued Conversation feature that debuted last year […]

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Chromebooks to allow sideloading of Android apps without Developer Mode (enterprise-only feature at launch?)

You’ve been able to run Android apps on some Chromebooks since mid-2016 by enabling access to the Google Play Store and then downloading and installing apps from the store. You can also sideload Android APK files, but you need to enable developer mode to do that… which will wipe your data and loosen some of the […]

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Raccoon Android APK downloader gets new UI, premium features

Raccoon is a desktop application that lets you download Android app installer files directly from the Google Play Store. It’s a useful tool for saving backups of your apps or for transferring Android apps to a device that either doesn’t have the Play Store installed or which Google thinks isn’t compatible with the particular app […]

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Test Android apps in Chrome OS, Windows, OS X, or Linux using ARC Welder Chrome app

Now that Google is letting any developers bring their Android apps to the Chrome Web Store, the company needs to give developers a way to test their apps. It turns out the same tool lets anyone run (some) Android apps in Chrome… even if you’re using the Chrome web browser on Windows, OS X, or […]