Google and Apple launch COVID-19 Exposure Notification API for public health apps

A month after announcing a partnership to develop smartphone-based contact-tracing technology, Google and Apple have announced that their new Exposure Notifications APIs are available for developers of public health apps. In other words, you may soon be able to download an app that will alert you if you’ve come in contact with someone who came […]

Google is killing Nearby Notifications for Android following uptick in spam

For the past few years Google has offered an API that lets developers send alerts to smartphones when you’re physically near them. It’s cleverly called “Nearby,” and it’s designed to let you see messages like coupons for a store when you’re actually in that store, guide information when you’re in a museum, or transit information […]

Google Pixel 2 can toggle Do Not Disturb when you’re driving, new API will let third-party apps detect activity transitions

I tend to use my Android phone as a GPS device whenever I’m on long road trips… and sometimes I end up putting the phone in airplane mode just so that I don’t get distracted by notifications for incoming emails and other messages while I’m driving. But Google recently introduced a new “Driving Do Not […]

Android’s Nearby Connections goes 2.0, connects your things to… other things

Google Android’s “Nearby Connections” feature lets your phone to interact with other devices specifically when they’re within range of one another. Now Google is updating the Nearby Connections API to version 2.0, and the company says it provides a fast, secure, peer-to-peer protocol that doesn’t require an internet connection. Among other things, that means your TV […]

Google launches Nearby for Android (again), to help you discover things that are… nearby

Google is rolling out an update for most phones running Android 4.4 or later which is designed to let your phone display notifications from nearby items. It’s called Nearby, and Google says it could let you know when there are apps or Android features you may want to take advantage of. For example, if you’re near […]

Vulkan cross-platform graphics API is ready to go

Vulkan is a new graphics technology from the makers of OpenGL. It’s designed to be more efficient than its predecessors by offering developers direct access to graphics hardware… although that also makes it more complicated to use than OpenGL, which is why the Khronos Group will continue to develop that software as well. After about […]

Apple Watch, Android Auto apps on the way thanks to new dev tools

Apple and Google are both inviting developers to create new kinds of apps today. Google has released the first APIs for Android Auto, enabling developers to create Android apps that can work with supported in-vehicle systems. Apple, meanwhile, has released WatchKit, a new set of tools that let developers create apps for the upcoming Apple […]

Amazon launches Cloud Drive API for third-party app developers

Amazon Cloud Drive provides users with online storage for photos, music, and other files. Anyone can get 5GB of cloud storage for free and Amazon recently began offering unlimited photo storage as part of Amazon Prime Photos. Now Amazon is offering developers a way to tap into its cloud storage with Cloud Drive API. This […]

Windows Phone 8.1 APIs hint at upcoming smartwatches, accessories

There’s a growing number of smartwatches that you can pair with an iPhone or Android devices to view notifications, control music playback, or perform other actions without touching your phone. Soon we may start to see smartwatches for Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system as well. Microsoft has begun rolling out a preview of Windows Phone […]

Google Play Services 4.4 brings Street View to apps, knows when you’re walking or running

Google is rolling out an updated version of the framework for its core Android apps and services. You might not notice many changes right away, but the new rollout of Google Play Services 4.4 means apps from Google and third parties will get a few nifty new features, including the ability to tell whether you’re walking […]