Mohu AirWave antenna streams OTA TV to nearly any device

Mohu makes a popular line of antennas that you can plug into a TV to pick up over-the-air broadcast television channels. But the company’s new AirWave isn’t just for TVs. It lets you stream live TV to a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, computers and media streamers from Roku, Apple, and Amazon. The AirWave […]

Lilbits (6-30-2014): Google’s first social network is shutting down

Before there was Google+ there was Google Buzz. And before Buzz, there was Orkut — Google’s first attempt at a social networking site. Orkut never really took off in the US, but it was big in Brazil… So good news for Brazil: Your country is in the international spotlight thanks to the World Cup. Bad news: […]

Well, that’s one way to improve your netbook’s WiFi reception

I’ve never had much trouble getting my netbooks, laptops, and other mobile devices to connect to my home WiFi network… or a neighbor’s network for that matter. But what if you’re ahem, trying to connect to an unprotected WiFi network down the block. While I don’t think that’s what EeeUser Forum member wakrein was necessarily […]

Dell is finally shipping antennae to Mini 10 owners with TV tuners

Dell began offering Inspiron Mini 10 customers a chance to configure their netbooks with internal TV tuners a while back. There’s just one problem: the tuner is useless without an external TV antenna, and apparently anyone who received a netbook with TV tuner before June 24th didn’t get an antenna. According to some folks at […]