Report: Microsoft is working on a dual-screen device code-named “Centaurus”

Foldable devices are all the rage these days. A bunch of major phone makers plan to launch foldable phones with flexible displays in the next year or so. And in the laptop/tablet space, Lenovo already has a line of dual-screen devices, while Intel and Asus showed off prototypes earlier this year. Now it looks like Microsoft […]

Update: Microsoft’s dual-screen “Andromeda” device isn’t (quite) dead

Microsoft has reportedly been working on a pocket-sized device with a folding display that allows you to use the little computer as a tablet or as a handheld, phone-sized device. Code-named “Andromeda,” Microsoft has yet to officially confirm the device’s existence, but details have been leaking for the past year. After learning a few weeks […]

Report: Microsoft’s Andromeda/Surface Phone device might never see light of day

According to a series of leaks, Microsoft’s been working on a mobile device that blurs the lines between phones and tablets for a few years. But the company has never publicly talked about a Surface Phone, a dual-screen tablet, or anything to do with its “Andromeda” platform that would allow the full Windows 10 operating […]

Report: Microsoft is really working on pocket-sized, dual screen Surface device

Microsoft’s Surface line of devices include 12.3 inch tablets, 13.5 inch laptops, 15 inch convertibles, 28 inch all-in-one desktops, and even wall computers with screen sizes up to 84 inches. But one thing Microsoft hasn’t offered to date? A pocket-sized Surface. Rumor’s have been circulating for years that Microsoft was working on a Surface Phone and/or […]

Report: Microsoft is working on a pocket-sized foldable tablet

Microsoft may have pretty much given up on smartphones, but the company continues to crank out new laptops and tablets. And according to a report from Windows Central, it looks like next year Microsoft may introduce a tablet that’s nearly as portable as a phone. It’s code-named Andromeda, and it’s said to be a tablet […]

Load custom themes on Android 8.0 without root (thanks to Substratum & Andromeda add-on)

Android has a long history of offering a more customizable user interface than iOS. You can choose which apps appear on your home screen, place widgets on the home screen, and even change the items that appear in your Quick Settings panel. But if you have a rooted device running Android 6.0 or later, there’s […]

Report: Windows 10 Mobile is a dead end, up next for phones: Windows 10

Microsoft’s desktop and smartphone operating systems have been inching closer and closer together in recent years. But while Windows 10 for PC and Windows 10 Mobile share a common core, phones still have a different user interface and feature set than Windows 10 PCs, and not all Universal Windows Platform apps that run on desktops […]

Report: Google Pixel 3 laptop will run Andromeda OS in 2017 (Android+Chrome combined)

Google is said to be working on a new operating system that combines features of Android and Chrome OS. It’d be able to run across a range of devices including tablets, and laptops. And according to a report from Android Police, Google may be planning to show off a preview at its event on October […]

Oct 4th rumors: Google to show off merged Android/Chrome OS preview, $69 Chromecast Ultra and $129 Google Home

Google is holding an event on October 4th, where the company is expected to officially launches its new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. But that’s not all we’re expecting to see on October 4th. According to several reports from Android Police, we could also see the launch of Google Home, a Chromecast Ultra, and a new […]