KDE Connect now supports Windows as well as Linux and macOS (link your phone to your PC)

KDE Connect is a free tool that lets you pair a smartphone with a PC to do things like share links and files between devices, view phone notifications on your PC, use your phone as a remote control for presentations or to control media playback on your computer (or use your PC to control media […]

Amazon Appstore will support Android App Bundles (but they’ll be optional for developers)

The process of installing apps on Android devices hasn’t changed all that much since the operating system first debuted well over a decade ago. Whether you’re installing an app from the Google Play Store or from another source, what you’re basically doing is downloading and installing an APK (Android Package) file. But a few years […]

How to sideload apps on Amazon Fire tablets (install apps that aren’t in the Amazon Appstore)

Amazon’s Fire and Fire HD tablets ship with a fork of Google’s Android operating system called Fire OS. For the most part that means they have a custom user interface that’s designed to highlight Amazon apps and services. But it also means that instead of the Google Play Store, they ship with the Amazon Appstore […]

S2 Music Player is an Android app from the maker of Shuttle (with the best incentive for upgrading

S2 Music Player is a new Android app that not only presents a simple, clean user interface for listening to music and managing songs stored on your phone, but also for streaming music from a home server using Jellyfin, Emby, or Plex (although Plex support isn’t available yet). Developed by the maker of the popular […]

Sideloading some Android apps could get more complicated as Google pushes Android App Bundles

One of the things that’s long set Android apart from iOS is that while both Google and Apple maintain app stores, Google makes it fairly easy for users to install apps downloaded from sources¬†other than the Google Play Store. It’s a process commonly known as sideloading. But starting later this summer, sideloading some apps could […]

Samsung promises up to 5 years of security updates for Enterprise Edition phones

For years Android phones have lagged behind iPhones when it comes to OS updates. But recently we’ve seen a growing number of Android device makers commit to delivering major OS updates for at least 2-3 years and sometimes promise security updates for even longer. Earlier this year Samsung said it would deliver at least 4 […]

Windows 11 will support Android apps, available through the Windows Store via Amazon Appstore

The lines between desktop and mobile devices continues to blur. These days you can run iOS apps on a Mac (but not vice versa). And soon you’ll be able to run Android apps on a Windows PC, no emulator or virtual machine required. It’s one of many new features coming to Windows 11, which is […]