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Android without Java: Xamarin ports Google’s OS to run on C#

Google and Oracle are duking it out in court over the question of whether Google had the rights to use Java as a basis for the Android operating system. Meanwhile the developers at Xamarin have shown that Android doesn’t need to run on Java at all. They’ve taken the source code for Android and modified it […]

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Google planned to subsidize unlimited data plans for $10/month

Most US wireless carriers charge a pretty penny for data plans. But once upon a time Google imagined a world where smartphone customers would pay just $9.99 per month for unlimited data. The Verge has been poring through documents from a court battle between Google and Oracle, and spotted a document outlining Google’s 2006 proposal […]

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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available from Google for $399

Google is selling smartphones again. The company opened up a Devices section in the Google Play Store. Right now the only device available is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, but you’ll notice that “devices” is plural… suggesting that additional phones or tablets could follow. The one device that is available for purchase is a pretty […]

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Unofficial AOKP nightly builds for the HP TouchPad

It’s been possible to install Google Android on the HP TouchPad tablet for months, thanks to the tools developed by members of the CyanogenMod team. But CyanogenMod isn’t the only version of Android that can run on HP’s 9.7 inc tablet. Over the past few months the folks behind the AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) have made a name […]

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TomTec Excellent 8 Android 4.0 tablet on the way?

A tablet called the TomTec ATP7658 Excellent 8 showed up at the FCC website this week. There’s not much information about this tablet at the TomTec website, but the tablet does appear to run Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It also looks like this may be similar to a tablet that’s been available since […]

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Better MIPS processor support coming to Android

MIPS-based processors don’t get a lot of love these days, but there are a handful of Android tablets on the market with these low power chips. That includes the Ainol Novo 7 and the Skytex Primer Pocket. Unfortunately, they can’t run all Android apps, because apps written using the current native developer kit for Android don’t […]

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Intel pushes Atom chip for Android devices

Intel is pushing its low power Atom processor line for Android-powered devices at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing this week. The company delivered a presentation called “Developing and Optimizing Android for Intel Atom Processor-based Mobile Devices.” There aren’t a lot of surprises in the presentation, but Intel has been working with Google to optimize […]

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TWRP 2.1 touch-based recovery available for nearly two dozen Android devices

TWRP is a utility that you can use to create a complete backup of an Android phone or tablet, install software updates, wipe cache, or make other system-level changes. It’s a custom recovery tool, much like the popular ClockworkMod Recovery. And like ClockworkMod, you’ll need a rooted phone or tablet with an unlocked bootloader to […]