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Archos 7 Internet Tablet (with Android) could ship next week

The Archos 7 Internet Tablet features a 7 inch touchscreen display and runs Google’s Android operating system. Like the Archos 5, the new model will come with some custom Archos software for playing audio and video files. While I was underwhelmed with the build quality and stability of the Archos 5 tablet I recently reviewed, […]

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Enso zenPad Android tablet now shipping for under $200

Update: As several commenters had pointed out, all signs point to this being a scam. Nobody has received a single unit yet, and it appears the company hasn’t actually placed any orders for the tablet with the Chinese manufacturer responsible for making them. More details at Engadget and ycombinator. Update 2: It looks like some […]

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FCC launches broadband speed test for smartphones

The Federal Communications Commission wants to know what kind of internet speed you’re getting. Is it close to the speeds your ISP advertises? Are download and upload speeds different in different parts of the country? The agency has a web-based speed test at But you’ll need to install Java and enter your home address […]

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Google Android could run on netbooks with Loongson chips

The Loongson processor isn’t exactly common in the west. But this CPU developed in China is likely to start showing up on a growing number of Chinese notebooks — not to mention the Emtec Gdium Liberty netbook. Right now, most Loongson-based notebooks run Linux. But China’s Lemote Technology is working on porting GOogle Android to […]

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Dell Mini 5 preview: Oversized phone or tiny tablet?

The upcoming Dell Mini 5 has all the makings of a great smartphone. It has a powerful 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, 3G connectivity, a multitouch touchscreen display, and the ability to last most of the day on a charge, and Google’s Android operating system. There’s just one catch: It’s kind of huge for a smartphone, […]