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Android-x86 8.1 released, lets you run Oreo on desktop PCs

Most devices that ship with Google’s Android operating system are smartphones or tablets with touchscreen displays and ARM-based processors. But for years the folks at the Android-x86 project have been porting Android to run on computers with Intel or AMD chips. This week the team released the first stable build based on Android Oreo. The […]

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Android-x86 8.1_rc1 lets you run Android Oreo on a PC

Th Android-x86 project is an open source initiative to adapt Google’s Android operating system so it can be run on desktop and notebook computers. The team is getting ready to launch the first version of Android-x86 based on Android Oreo, and a release candidate is now available for download. Android-x86 8.1_rc1 is available in 32-bit […]

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Android-x86 brings Android Nougat to desktop and laptop PCs

The Android-x86 project is an initiative to port Google’s Android operating system to run on devices with x86 processors, including most desktop and notebook computers with Intel or AMD chips. Since Android-x86 is an unofficial, third-party port of Google’s software it tends to run a little behind Google’s Android releases… and while the latest version […]

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Android-x86 lead developer may abandon project

Most Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices have ARM-based processors. But an open source port of the operating system called Android-x86 has been making it easy to install Google’s software on PCs with x86 chips for years. Now the future of that project looks a bit murky. The lead developer says he’s not sure he […]

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Android-x86 releases early build of Nougat for desktop PCs

Google and Intel may not be doing much work to make sure that Android can run on devices with Intel processors anymore… but the Android-x86 project continues to release new builds of Android for computers with Intel and AMD chips. The latest release? A build of Android 7.0 for developers. In other words, you can […]

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Jide unveils Remix Pro 2-in-1 tablet with Remix OS 3.0 (plus a new PC box and more)

Chinese startup Jide’s Remix OS is an operating system designed to make Google Android look and feel like a desktop OS. Jide launched a tablet and a mini-desktop PC running Remix OS in 2015, but over the past year the company has also partnered with a number of other device makers to load Remix OS […]

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Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your PC with Android-x86 RC1

The Android-x86 project has been providing a way to install Google’s mobile operating system on desktop and notebook computers for years, and now the team is just about finished with the first build based on Android 6.0. A release candidate for Android-x86 6.0 is now available for download, and it’s designed to run on most […]

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Lilbits 314: A good day for NVIDIA Shield, bad one for Linux Mint

About a month after announcing plans to bring Android 6.0 Marshmallow and other improvements to its Shield TV game console, NVIDIA is now rolling out the update which brings support for treating SD cards as internal storage, Vulkan graphics, and much more. So it’s a good day for NVIDIA Shield users. But it’s a bad […]