Is the LG “Nemo” a Nexus smartwatch with a high-res display?

The pixel density wars could be coming to smartwatches. While many of today’s top-tier smartphones feature 400 or more pixels per inch, the highest-resolution smartwatches currently top out at around 320 x 320 pixel resolutions with around 240 pixels per inch. But Phandroid reports LG may be working on an Android Wear smartwatch with a […]

Android Wear could get interactive, “together” watch faces

Google appears to be prepping an update for its smartwatch software that will bring a few new apps and support for two entirely new types of watch faces. The company hasn’t officially announced the new features yet, but the folks at Android Police noticed some clues in the latest version of the Android Wear companion […]

Microsoft launches new Outlook, Translator, Office apps and features

Microsoft is on a cross-platform app bender. This week the company has been updating apps, adding new features to Outlook, launching new services for Office 365, and bringing apps and services to wearable devices. Here’s a roundup of some of Microsoft’s newest office and productivity updates. Translator for Apple Watch and Android Wear Install the latest version of […]

Report: Android Wear to support watch-to-watch communication

Old dogs may not be able to learn new tricks, but apparently smartwatches can. Google is reportedly planning to roll out an update to its Android Wear software for smartwatches that brings a few new features, including support for interactive watch faces and watch-to-watch communication. That means the watch you may already have could become […]

Popular text-based game ‘Lifeline’ will support Android Wear this summer

Last week, 3 Minute Games’ popular iOS game Lifeline made its way to Android devices via the Google Play store. Conspicuously absent from the game was support for wearable devices. The thing that makes Lifeline for IOS so amazing is its connectivity to Apple Watch. Players feel like they are truly connected to this lost […]

Qi motion-based UI could make smartwatches easier to use

Quantum Interface (Qi) has just launched an invite-only beta version of a motion-based interface for Android-based smart watches. The company’s goal is to make a program that uses motion, eye tracking, and predictive navigation to make it easier to control your mobile device without tapping and scrolling through endless menus. Qi’s navigation interface is designed to […]

Most Android Wear watches support WiFi: LG G Watch and Asus ZenWatch do not

Google is rolling out an update to its Android Wear operating system for smartwatches that brings new features including new gestures, support for drawing emojis on the screen, and support for “always-on” apps which don’t disappear when you drop your wist. One of the biggest changes though, is support for connecting to the internet over […]