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Google’s Daydream ensures Android VR apps can run on Daydream-ready phones

Google’s next foray into virtual reality is a platform called Daydream that lets you use an Android phone or iPhone as a VR screen. The company is introducing a series of hardware specs for Daydream-ready phones, which means that developers can target those specs and be sure that anyone with a Daydream-ready device should be […]

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Reports: Google to launch Android VR hardware

Google made it easy for anyone to get a taste of virtual reality when the company launched Google Cardboard a few years ago. Throw your smartphone into a cheap cardboard case with special lenses and you can experience 360-degree videos, apps, or virtual big-screen movies for a few bucks. But this year we’re starting to […]

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Google Plastic? Report says Google is working on a new VR headset for smartphones

This year we’re expecting powerful, expensive virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony PlayStation VR to hit the streets. But Google started to bring VR experiences into the mainstream nearly two years ago by introducing Google Cardboard: a cheap, DIY headset that uses your smartphone as a screen. Now the Financial […]