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Lilbits 314: A good day for NVIDIA Shield, bad one for Linux Mint

About a month after announcing plans to bring Android 6.0 Marshmallow and other improvements to its Shield TV game console, NVIDIA is now rolling out the update which brings support for treating SD cards as internal storage, Vulkan graphics, and much more. So it’s a good day for NVIDIA Shield users. But it’s a bad […]

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Razer’s Cortex game store for the Forge TV rises from Ouya’s ashes

The Razer Forge TV is an Android TV box designed to bring Android games to your big screen display. It’s one of a few different devices in this category to launch in 2015, and it’s been met with largely poor reviews. Razer is hoping to turn things around with a major software update: this summer the […]

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NVIDIA Shield Android TV game console is now available for $199 and up

NVIDIA’s new game console with a Tegra X1 processor and support for 4K content is now available for $199 and up. The NVIDIA Shield Console runs Google’s Android TV software which lets you stream internet video, play Android games, and run other apps on your TV. But it also supports NVIDA’s GameStream and GRID technology […]

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Sling TV brings live, streaming TV to Android TV

Sling TV is an internet video service that lets you stream live and on-demand TV from channels including TNT, TBS, AMC, ESPN, Disney, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, with prices starting at $20 per month. The service launched for select devices earlier this year and subscribers can watch videos using mobile apps for PC or Mac, iOS […]

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Marvell launches Armada 1500 Ultra chip for 4K TV boxes

Chip maker Marvell is expanding its Armada line of system-on-a-chip solutions for set-top-boxes with a new octa-core processor with support for 4K video. The Marvell Armada 1500 Ultra is an 8-core, 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 chip with Vivante GC7000XS graphics. The company’s targeting pay TV operators and set-top-box makers. So you probably won’t find the […]

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Pre-order the Razer Forge TV Android gaming box for $150

Gaming company Razer introduced its first Android-powered video game console at CES in January. Now the Razer Forge TV is available for pre-order from Amazon for $150. It should ship in May. Update: Amazon now says the Razer Forge TV is not currently available, but a handful of other stores are still taking orders, including […]

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Freebox mini 4K Android TV box launches in France

French internet and TV provider Free has launched a new set-top-box with Android TV software and support for 4K Ultra HD video. It’s called the Freebox mini 4K and it features a 1.5 GHz Broadcom BCM7252 ARM Cortex-A15 dual-core processor and support for terrestrial, streaming, on-demand, and recorded video content. The Freebox mini 4K is […]

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NVIDIA Shield video game console coming in May for $199

NVIDIA will launch its first game console designed for the living room in May. The new NVIDIA Shield console is a box with an NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, support for 4K video, and Google’s Android TV software. That doesn’t mean it’s just for Android games though. The system will support NVIDIA’s GRID game streaming service […]

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Imagination unveils PowerVR GT7900 graphics for low-cost game consoles

Imagination Technologies is launching its most powerful graphics processor yet. The PowerVR GT7900 GPU features 512 ALU cores, 16 shader clusters, and when clocked at 800 MHz, the GT7900 run at speeds of up to 800 gigaflops in floating point 32 mode, or 1.6 teraflops in the low-power FP16 mode. Don’t expect to find this chip in […]