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Qubi is a Snapdragon 600 powered Android TV box (Crowdfunding)

There are dozens of Android-powered media center boxes on the market, most with low-power ARM processors from companies such as Rockchip, Amlogic, or Allwinner. But the Qubi Media Center is an Android TV box with the same chip found in the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones. The Qubi is powered by a […]

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PLAiR attempts to build a better Chromecast with the $49 PLAiR 2

Earlier this year a company called PLAiR released a $99 device that you could plug into a TV to stream internet media to your big screen while controlling playback with a PC, phone or tablet. Then Google launched the $35 Chromecast which basically did the same thing for $35 — and with support from some […]

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PicUntu 4.5 installer loads Ubuntu onto Rockchip RK3188 devices

PicUntu is a custom version of Ubuntu Linux designed to run on TV boxes and other devices with Rockchip’s ARM-based processors. Now it’s easier to install than ever, offering a way to turn a cheap Android TV box into a full-fledged Linux computer. The developer has released a new build called PicUntu 4.5, along with […]

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Nuvola NP-1 is a $299 Android media player with a Tegra 4 chip

Digital entertainment company NanoTech plans to launch an Android-powered device that you can use to stream 4K Ultra HD movies to your TV. It’s called the Nuvola NP-1, and it’s expected to ship in August. NanoTech is taking pre-orders for $299, but your card won’t be charged until the box ships. The Nuvola NP-1 is […]

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Cube unveils kit that turns Android tablets into TV boxes

Chinese tablet maker Cube is branching out into the set-top-box space… kind of. Rather than introduce a standalone box that lets you run Android apps on a big-screen TV, the company is introducing a new accessory that turns your existing tablet into a TV box. The kit includes a wireless remote control and an adapter […]