Google releases Android P Developer Preview 3

The road to the next major release of Google Android is paved with five developer previews… but it’s the first three that count the most, since DP4 and DP5 are basically release candidates (which means the only significant changes are likely to be bug fixes). With that in mind, Google has released Android P DP3, […]

What’s new in Android P Beta?

The next version of Google Android is coming later this year, and while we got a first developer preview earlier this year, Google is launching a beta program today with a bunch of new features. One of the key themes in those new features? Intelligence. Android P uses on-device machine learning to help save battery […]

Developers port some Android P features to run on older Android versions

The first developer preview of Android P was released yesterday, but it’s only available for Google Pixel phones and Google describes it as an early, buggy build that you probably don’t want to use on your primary smartphone. But if you want to get a taste of some upcoming Android P features without actually installing […]

What’s new in Android P? (Developer Preview 1 is now available)

The next major version of Google Android is coming later this year, but developers and early adopters will be able to get an early look starting today. Google is releasing the first developer preview of Google Android P and, among other things, it adds native support for phones with camera cut-outs in the screen (notches), […]

Android P may let you use a phone as a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard

Most Android smartphones support Bluetooth, allowing you to connect wireless headphones, mice, keyboards, and other accessories or to transfer contacts or files between devices without wires. But according to xda-developers, it looks like Google may be adding another Bluetooth feature: the ability to use your phone as a mouse or keyboard for an external device. […]