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Fujian Sanxi 7 inch Android tablet – with Android Market access

Either Google has quietly started to let tablet makers provide access to the Android Market, or a couple of Chinese electronics companies have decided to code first and ask questions later. The other day we noted that the $150 iPed tablet appears to be shipping with access to the Android Market. And now Nicole Scott […]

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NVIDIA CEO implies Google Android tablet edition is on its way

Consumer electronics companies have been slapping Google Android on tablet-style computers since last year — but there are still very few Android tablets available for purchase in the US and Europe, despite dozens of devices showing up in China and at trade shows including CES earlier this year. And that’s largely because the operating system […]

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Archos 5 Internet Tablet — now with paid apps from the Android Market

One of my biggest problems with tablets running Google’s Android operating system is that they don’t ship with the ability to do one of the most basic things any Android smartphone can do: Download third party apps from the Android Market. Sure, Archos, Camangi, and other tablet makers load up their tablets with useful apps […]