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Google brings low latency audio processing to Android L

Android phones and tablets already make pretty decent portable media players. But some of the best mobile apps for recording or creating audio are still iOS-only. That’s at least partly bbecause Apple’s smartphone and tablet operating system supports low-latency audio processing, something that’s been missing from Android… until now. The next version of Google Android is […]

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Lilbits (6-27-2014): Android L keyboard runs on Android K (and older) phones

The next major version of Android isn’t due out until this fall, but now that Google has released factory images for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 as well as a software developer kit, it’s possible to try it out. That’s great news for developers… but casual users might want to wait a while. Android […]

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You can already root a device running Android L Developer Preview

Google released the developer preview of Android L on June 27th, and on the same day folks figured out how to root it. Rooting an Android device gives you superuser access to the operating system which allows you to play with files, folders, and disk partitions that would otherwise be hidden. In order to root […]

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This could be what Android TV game controllers look like

Google’s Android TV platform is the company’s next attempt to bring internet video, search, and apps to the biggest screen in your house. Unlike the largely-failed Google TV initiative though, Android TV will also place an emphasis on gaming. While you can use a phone, smartwatch, or other device for basic Android TV functions such […]