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Maybe Android apps aren’t coming to Windows 10 after all?

Windows may be the dominant operating system for notebook and desktop computers but it’s in a distant third place when it comes to smartphones, so it’s not surprising that many mobile app developers prioritize iOS and Android over Windows. So Microsoft decided to do something about the app gap and earlier this year the company […]

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How to run multiple Android apps through Chrome with ARC Welder

Google is providing Android app developers with tools that allow their apps to run in the Chrome web browser. But you don’t need to be a developer to use Google’s ARC Welder utility: it lets just about anyone run (some) Android apps on Chrome OS, Mac, Windows, or Linux computers. When I first wrote about ARC Welder, I […]

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Test Android apps in Chrome OS, Windows, OS X, or Linux using ARC Welder Chrome app

Now that Google is letting any developers bring their Android apps to the Chrome Web Store, the company needs to give developers a way to test their apps. It turns out the same tool lets anyone run (some) Android apps in Chrome… even if you’re using the Chrome web browser on Windows, OS X, or […]

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Microsoft launches Android apps including lock screen, OK Google replacements

Microsoft’s bread and butter may be the Windows operating system. But the company has a long history of making software for other platforms such as Office for Mac and OneNote and Bing Search for Android. Now the company is launching 4 a series of new Android apps that come from the Microsoft Garage project. These […]

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Installing Android apps on Chromebooks made easier by Chrome APK Packager tool

Want to run Android app on a Chromebook? There are a few Android apps available in the Chrome Web Store. But if you want to try apps that don’t yet officially support Chrome OS you can convert just about any Android app into something that’ll run in Chrome using the unofficial ChromeOS-APK tools. You can even run Android […]

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Now you can run (some) Android apps on a Chromebook

As promised, Google is bringing support for Android apps to its Chrome operating system. That means in addition to running thousands of web-based apps, you can now use a Chromebook to run some apps that had previously only been available on smartphones or tablets running Android. There are only 4 Android apps available for Chrome […]

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Deals of the Day (7-31-2014)

Apparently ’tis the season for free or cheap Android apps and games. Thursday and Friday Amazon is giving away 30 apps that you’d normally have to pay for, and Ubisoft is offering huge discounts on several games in the Google Play Store. You can pick up Assasin’s Creed Pirates for just 10 pennies or Rabbids […]

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Deals of the Day (4-25-2014)

Looking for some apps or games to load up on your Android phone or tablet? There’s no time like the present. Amazon is giving away 12 audio-centric apps in the Amazon Appstore today. Root users can pick up ROM Toolbox Pro for half price. And Google is offering deep discounts on games in its Premium […]