Google Nexus Q can run Android apps… kind of

Google is positioning the Nexus Q as a device that you plug into your TV to stream music, movies, and other content from the Google Play Store, YouTube, and other internet sites. But under the hood, the Nexus Q basically has the same hardware as a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, and it’s running Google Android […]

Android apps coming to BlackBerry tablets this month

Research in Motion plans to release BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 later this month. When the company showed off an early build of the new operating system for PlayBook tablets at CES in January, RIM highlighted the new calendar, contact, and email apps — but made no mention of the fact that the tablets would be […]

BlackBerry PlayBook (almost) transformed into an Android tablet

Research in Motion recently released a public beta build of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 which, among other things, allows the tablet to run Google Android apps. This doesn’t exactly turn the PlayBook into an Android tablet — it’s still running RIM’s QNX-based software. You can’t just fire up the Android Market to download apps either. […]

BlueStacks lets (some) Android apps run on a Windows PC

BlueStacks is a utility that allows you to run Google Android apps on a Windows computer. The developers have been showing demonstrations of BlueStacks for months, but now anyone can download and test an alpha version of the BlueStacks App Player. The software comes preloaded with 10 apps including the Pulse news reader, Bloomberg app, […]

BlackBerry PlayBook may be able to run Android apps… but probably not

The upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook is a pretty sexy little 7 inch tablet with a fast dual core processor and a slick operating system with excellent support for multitasking. The only problem? A tablet is only as good as the apps it can run, and while there are hundreds of thousands of apps for the competing […]