Lilbits (7-26-2013): Too many Surface RT tablets

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet launched last year as one of the first devices to ship with Windows RT. It was an impressive achievement, with Microsoft essentially retooling its entire Windows operating system to run on devices with ARM-based chips. But while the Surface RT has long battery life, instant on capabilities, and an intriguing optional […]

Hidden goodies in Android 4.3: Support for 4K screens, per-app permission controls

Google Android 4.3 may be a minor update to Google’s mobile operating system, but it has some nice features including performance tweaks, Bluetooth improvements, support for limiting a user’s access to some apps or content on multi-user devices, and much more. But if you dig into the source code, it looks like there are also […]

Android 4.3 source code released, custom ROMs coming soon

Google has released the source code for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, along with factory images for the latest Nexus phones and tablets. And that means independent developers can start tweaking, modifying, and otherwise using the code. It also means that new builds of popular custom ROMs are on the way. The CyanogenMod team has already […]

Android 4.3 for the Google Nexus 4 leaked, you can install it now

Google is expected to introduce Android 4.3 soon, but if you have a Google Nexus 4 smartphone you can install an early build of the operating system now. A leaked build of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S4 hit the streets a few weeks ago. Now there’s a build available for Google’s […]

Lilbits (7-03-2013): Android 4.3, Samsung acquired Boxee, Feedly gets OPML

One of these days, Google is going to release Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Until then, we’ll have to dig through leaked pre-release builds to figure out what new features may be on the way. We’ve already learned a few things about WiFi and Bluetooth behavior, support for third party […]

Google Android 4.3 spotted in the wild, brings new camera app to Nexus 4

Google’s annual developer conference came and went this month without the launch of a new version of the Android operating system. But web publishers (including this one) have noticed a growing number of visits from folks using mobile devices identified as running Android 4.3 in recent weeks… and now a member of the xda-developers forum […]