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Multiple user profiles possible in Jelly Bean (with custom ROMs)

The code for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean contains some hidden surprises that aren’t normally accessible to users. One of which is multiple user support. This would allow a person to share one tablet (or smartphone) with other people in a household with each person having their own apps, background, widgets and accounts, just as with […]

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Install Jelly Bean on the Motorola Xoom without breaking root, locking bootloader

The 10.1-inch Motorola Xoom, the first Honeycomb tablet, is now the second tablet to get the official Jelly Bean release. However, owners who want to keep their tablet hackable generally hold off on official updates in case they break rooting or lock up the bootloader. Luckily for those users there’s now a way to get […]

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How to install Adobe Flash on the Nexus 7 (or other Jelly Bean devices)

Adobe’s Flash Player isn’t officially supported in the newest Android version, 4.1 Jelly Bean. Though the default browser for the Nexus 7 and other Jelly Bean devices is now Chrome, which has built-in Flash support in the desktop versions, this does not apply to mobile devices. Adobe warned that attempts to install Flash on Jelly […]

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean coming soon, starting with Galaxy Nexus

Google is expected to introduce the first Nexus tablet at the Google I/O developer conference next week. But it looks like that might not be the only announcement. A number of folks purchasing Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones from the Google Play Store recently have been spotting a notice that soon it will be the “first […]