Linux phones running postmarketOS can now run (some) Android apps thanks to Anbox

PostmarketOS is a free and open source, Linux-based operating system designed for smartphones. Originally developed as a project to extend the lifespan of old phones by letting you replace Android with Linux, the operating system also runs on new phones designed for Linux including the PinePhone and Librem 5. But while there are plenty of desktop […]

Linux-based postmarketOS may support Android apps thanks to Anbox (PinePhone, Librem 5, and more)

One of the key selling points of Linux smartphones like the PinePhone and Purism Librem 5 is that they’re designed to run free and open source GNU/Linux-based operating systems rather than partially open software like Google Android. But there’s an app gap — sure, both Android and Linux support millions of apps. But most Android […]

Canonical’s Anbox Cloud enables Android app and game streaming

While Canonical’s Ubuntu operating is one of the most popular desktop GNU/Linux distributions, the folks at Canonical have been pushing cloud services pretty hard in recent years (because that’s where the money is). The latest example? Canonical’s new Anbox Cloud solution, which lets developers host mobile apps in the cloud. Basically the idea is that […]

UBPorts bringing Android app support to Ubuntu phones (via Anbox)

After Canonical essentially gave up on developing Ubuntu Linux software for smartphones earlier this year, a group of developers at UBPorts decided to pick up where Canonical left off. The community-based project doesn’t have the resources of a company like Canonical, but the developers still like the idea of running Ubuntu on smartphones, and so they’re […]

Anbox lets you run Android apps natively in Ubuntu, other GNU/Linux distros

Want to run Android apps on a PC? Developers have been offering emulators like BlueStacks and Genymotion for years. But for the most part those applications set up a virtual machine that isolates your entire Android experience from the rest of your operating system. Anbox is a new open source system that lets you run […]