AMD’s Ryzen chips may support Windows 7, unlike Intel Kaby Lake (Update: Nope)

AMD’s first chips based on the company’s new “Zen” architecture are coming soon, and despite a report from last year to the contrary, it looks like AMD will officially support Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems. Rival Intel, meanwhile, does not offer Windows 7 drivers for its 7th-gen Core […]

AMD unveils Ryzen, its next-gen octa-core CPU

After months of talking about a new processor that would offer a huge performance boost over existing models, AMD is starting to show off the near-final product. The chip formerly known by its codename “Zen” will be called Ryzen at launch. And it’s a high-performance chip that will be available first for desktop computers. At […]

AMD shows off a working high-performance “Zen” CPU

AMD’s new Bristol Ridge and Stony Bridge laptop chips offer a balance of performance, price, and power consumption. But the company also has a new line of chips that puts the emphasis on performance. AMD showed off a bit of what its upcoming “Zen” chips can do at Computex this week, and says the first chips based […]