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Sapphire introduces Edge VS8 mini-desktop with AMD Trinity processor

Sapphire is probably best known for producing PC graphics cards, but the company also has a line of mini-desktop computers which it sells under the Sapphire Edge brand. The latest is the Sapphire Edge VS8, which looks like a surprisingly powerful PC for a device that comes in such a small case. The computer looks […]

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Asus VivoBook U38N ultraportable notebook has an AMD Trinity CPU

The Asus VivoBook U38N may look like an ultrabook, but it doesn’t qualify as one for a simple reason: It has a quad-core AMD A8 processor, while Intel owns the trademark for the word “ultrabook.” Aside from the processor, the Asus U38N is almost everything you’d want from a decent ultrabook. The laptop features a […]

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AMD unveils Windows 8 hybrid tablet prototype

AMD is showing off a reference design for a Windows 8 tablet with a detachable keyboard dock. The computer features an 11.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display and an AMD Trinity processor. The prototype looks a lot like other hybrid tablets we’ve seen this week, but most of those featured Intel or ARM-based processors. […]

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Linux kernel 3.4 brings support for latest AMD, NVIDIA graphics

Linux founder Linus Torvalds has released version 3.4 of the Linux kernel. While a lot of the updates are changes under the hood that most users won’t notice, there are a few welcome features for folks thinking about picking up a shiny new computer (or graphics card) this year. Linux kernel 3.4 adds support for […]

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AMD launches Trinity processors with an eye on “ultrathin” laptops

AMD has launched its second-generation A-series line of processors aimed at a wide range of computers from desktops to “ultrathin” notebooks. You can’t call them ultrabooks because Intel owns the rights to that word. Code-named Trinity, the new chips in this family range from a low power 17W  dual core processor processors aimed at ultrathins […]