This DIY handheld gaming PC has the same AMD Ryzen chip as the Smach Z and GPD Win Max

At least two handheld gaming computers featuring AMD Ryzen Embedded V1605B processors with Radeon Vega graphics are expected to launch this year: the GPD Win Max and the Smach Z. One YouTuber decided not to wait. Instead he built his own portable gaming computer by attaching a game controller, display, and battery to a Sapphire […]

Smach Z handheld gaming PC specs finalized: Ryzen V1605B, up to 8GB RAM

The Smach Z is a handheld gaming PC that’s been under development in one way or another since the developer released the first rendered images of a so-called “SteamBoy” handheld game system in 2014. Now Smach CEO Daniel Fernandez is getting ready to bring the Smach Z to market, hopefully in 2018. This week we […]