AMD’s 2nd-gen Ryzen desktop chips released, bringing better performance for the same price (or less)

AMD’s Ryzen 2000 series desktop chips went up for pre-order last week, and now they’re available for purchase for $199 and up. The 2nd-gen Ryzen chips are based on a new Zen+ architecture and manufactured using a 12nm process, all of which brings a modest boost in performance and efficiency over last year’s chips. We’ll […]

AMD roadmap: 2nd-gen Ryzen chips and Ryzen desktop CPUs with integrated Radeon graphics

AMD is outlining its plans for 2018, and along with introducing new Ryzen Mobile processors, the company plans to bring its first Ryzen desktop chips with integrated graphics to market. AMD has long used its graphics technology to help differentiate its chips from Intel’s. But while the first laptop chips based on the company’s Zen […]

AMD’s first Ryzen chips launch today… but they’re just the start

AMD’s first Ryzen chips went up for pre-order a few weeks ago, and they’re available for purchase starting today. The Ryzen 7-1800X, Ryzen 7-1700X, and Ryzen 7-1700 are high-performance octa-core chips aimed at desktop computers. Prices range from $329 to $499, and in terms of performance, AMD says the new chips are withing striking distance of […]

AMD Ryzen chips launch March 2nd, up for pre-order now for $329 and up

After years of playing second fiddle to Intel, AMD is launching a new set of processors that look truly competitive with some of Intel’s best desktop chips. AMD has been saying for a while that its Ryzen chips would rival Intel’s top-tier processors while using less power and selling for lower prices. Now the first […]

AMD unveils Ryzen, its next-gen octa-core CPU

After months of talking about a new processor that would offer a huge performance boost over existing models, AMD is starting to show off the near-final product. The chip formerly known by its codename “Zen” will be called Ryzen at launch. And it’s a high-performance chip that will be available first for desktop computers. At […]