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AMD-powered MSI Wind U230 gets the hands-on treatment – Video

In terms of performance and battery life, MSI’s new Wind U230 seems to fall somewhere between the other Wind netbooks and MSI’s line-up of larger, more traditional notebooks. It’s got a solid ATI GPU under the hood, and performed well in gaming tests – though the AMD Neo processor couldn’t keep up with Intel’s SU7300. […]

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MSI Wind U210 with AMD Neo CPU reviewed, battery life disappoints

MSI’s Wind U210 is a 12.1 inch laptop that looks pretty much identical to the Wind U200 on the outside. But there are two big differences. First, the Wind U210 uses an AMD Neo processor and ATI graphics instead of an Intel chipset, and second it’s actually available in the US. The one question I’ve […]

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Medion rebrands the MSI Wind U210, slaps on a touchscreen for good measure

European computer vendor Medion has a long history of offering rebranded versions of MSI netbooks under its own name. And by long history, I mean, they’ve been doing it for the year and a half or so that MSI has been making netbooks in the first place. The nice thing is that sometimes the Medion […]