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Lilbits (6-05-2014): AMD’s new G-Series embedded chips

It’s not just AMD’s notebook chips that are getting a refresh. The company also launched a new series of embedded chips aimed at low power machines such as thin clients, retail point-of-sales machines, industrial applications, or other environments where you might not need a traditional PC to do some computing. The new AMD G-Series chips […]

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AMD acknowledges plans for ARM-based embedded chips

AMD has just launched a new line of G-Series processors for embedded applications such as smart TVs and set-top-boxes or digital signage. The company’s G-Series processors tend to be low-power x86 chips with an emphasis on graphics capabilities. The new G-Series chips are based on AMD’s new “Jaguar” architecture and feature AMD Radeon 8000 graphics, […]

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Giada launches A51 mini PC with AMD T56N processor

Small form-factor PC maker Giada has introduced its latest tiny desktop computer. The Giada A51 is a $300-ish PC that’s probably thinner than some books you have on your shelf, at about 1 inch thick. Giada says the US suggested retail price for the A51 is $273, but the handful of US retailers that are […]

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AMD updates G-Series chips for low-power devices

Chip-maker AMD is best known for producing processors for laptop and desktop computers. But the company also sells a line of low-power processors for embedded platforms such as medical appliances or point-of-sale devices (like cash registers). Today the company is introducing its latest low-power chip, the AMD Embedded G-T16R APU. It’s a processor with a […]

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AMD introduces new low power G-Series fusion chips for fanless computers

AMD has been shedding its reputation as a company that makes powerful, but power-hungry chips. The 9 Watt AMD C-50 dual core processor can go head-to-head with Intel’s latest Atom chips for netbooks in terms of performance and power consumption, while the AMD E-350 chip uses just 18W, or less than half the power of […]

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AMD introduces G-Series Fusion chips for embedded systems

AMD’s new low power Ontario and Zacate chips have been getting a lot of attention recently. These are the first chips for consumer laptop and desktop computers from AMD to combine the CPU and GPU onto a single chip. The company’s codenamed for the platform is Fusion, and AMD calls the new type of chip […]