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Android 4.3 ported to x86, runs on desktop, laptop computers

Google’s Android operating system may designed for low-power devices with touchscreens including smartphones and tablets. But that doesn’t mean you can’t run it on a laptop or desktop computer. While Android has officially supported Intel’s low-power smartphone chips for a while, there’s also an unofficial Android-x86 project which ports Google’s mobile operating system to run […]

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ASUS C60M1-I: $80 PC board with AMD C-60 dual core CPU

Mini-computers with ARM-based processors and low price tags have been getting a lot of attention lately. But ARM-based systems like the Raspberry Pi or UG802 aren’t the only games in town when it comes to low-power computers that cost less than $100. You can pick up an Asus C60M1-I board for just under $80. For that price you […]