Lilbits 6-04-2020: AFTVNews returns, Apple “Prime” may be in the works, and Playdate runs Doom

First playable version of Doom on the Playdate. Still very early but I guess I will cross out “Port Doom” from my bucket list. My main inspiration was @fabynou Game Engine Black Book. — Nic (@NicMagnier) May 31, 2020 Here’s a roundup of recent tech news from around the web. First playable version of […]

Daily Deals (11-05-2018)

Amazon’s starting to spill the beans on some upcoming Black Friday deals (expect $24 Amazon Echo Dots, $35 Amazon Fire TV 4Ks, and $50 Amazon Fire HD 8 tablets, among other things). Something to keep in mind is that the company offers some deals exclusively to Amazon Prime members… but another thing to keep in […]

Walmart’s Amazon Prime competitor ditches the annual fee for free 2-day shipping

Pay $99 for an Amazon Prime membership and Amazon will give you free 2-day shipping on millions of items… as well as access to a library of digital movies, TV shows, music, and eBooks. Few companies have the resources to offer all of those things for one monthly price. But Walmart decided to try the […]

Anime Strike is Amazon’s Anime streaming service for $5 per month (for Prime members)

Amazon Prime subscribers in the US get access to thousands of TV shows and movies with their $99 membership fee. But since late 2015 Amazon has also allowed you to add additional content from HBO, Showtime, Starz, and other networks through a service called Amazon Channels. Now the company has launched the first channel with […]

Amazon Prime Video goes global: launches in “more than 200 countries and territories”

Amazon’s subscription-based video service is now available around the world. The company says Amazon Prime Video will bring Amazon originals and regional content to over 200 countries and territories. The move comes almost a year after rival Netflix made its service available in 190 countries. Not surprisingly, countries that didn’t make the cut include North Kora, […]

Deals of the Day (11-18-2016)

‘Twas the week before Black Friday, and… Amazon isn’t waiting to offer a bunch of deals. The company has been running a pre-Black Friday series of sales for a while, with some pretty good deals and some that are a bit more underwhelming. But today the company is offering $20 off the price of a 1-year Amazon […]

Amazon Music Unlimited details (and tiered pricing) leaked

Amazon is rumored to be working on a new music streaming service to challenge Spotify, Apple Music and offering from Microsoft, Google, and others. While most of today’s music streaming services charge the same price: $10 per month, rumor has it that Amazon will take a tiered approach: the service will be cheapest if you […]