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Amazon brings its MP3 music store to iOS (with a web app)

Amazon’s Cloud Player app for iOS lets you stream music from your Amazon account to an  iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. But you can’t use the app to purchase music on your mobile device — you’ll need to purchase or upload tracks using a PC or a different device. Now Amazon is making it possible […]

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Amazon AutoRip gives you free MP3s when you buy CDs… including any you’ve bought for the lat 15 years

Can’t decide whether you’d rather buy a CD or purchase the latest album from Weird Al Yankovic in MP3? Amazon’s new AutoRip service means you don’t have to. When you buy an eligible CD from Amazon, the company will automatically add the MP3 version of the album to your Amazon Cloud Player account, which means […]

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Mounting evidence that Amazon is working on an Android tablet

There’ve been rumors floating around for a few months suggesting that Amazon was working on its own Android tablet. The rumor mill kicked into overdrive recently when gdgt (and Engadget) co-founder Peter Rojas said he was pretty certain that the tablet was real and that Samsung was building it. Now the folks at DigiTimes are […]