Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is out of stock – new models on the way?

Amazon’s expected to launch a new line of Android tablets this fall. But what about the company’s black and white eReader lineup? Is there a new model in the works to replace the Kindle Paperwhite? While there has been leak after leak providing details about the company’s new tablets, I haven’t heard much about a […]

Kindleberry Wireless: Using a Raspberry Pi and Kindle Paperwhite as a portable workstation

A Rasberry Pi is a $35, hackable  mini-computer. An Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a $119 eReader with long battery life and an outdoor viewable display. And if you poke around a bit, you’ll find it’s fairly hackable too. So when developer Max Ogden was looking for a portable workstation that he could use outdoors, he […]

Amazon wants to be big in Japan, launches Kindle line

Amazon has been working to expand its Kindle business around the globe, and the latest stop is Japan. The company has announced that the Kindle Store is now open in Japan and the Kindle Fire, Kindle HD, and Kindle Paperwhite are all up for pre-order. Amazon’s 7 inch Android tablets will ship in Japan starting […]

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite can be jailbroken

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite may have a new high resolution E Ink display and light that can illuminate the screen. But the hardware and Linux-based operating system are close enough to those for last year’s Amazon Kindle Touch that it didn’t take long for hackers to find a way to jailbreak the Kindle Paperwhite. Members of […]