Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 review roundup: Not bad for $199

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet is set to ship on Friday, and the first reviews are in. Long story short? The Kindle Fire HD has a slightly faster processor and a higher resolution display than Amazon’s first 7 inch tablet. It also gets better battery life. But it’s not perfect. The tablet also […]

Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablets run Android 4.0 (if it matters)

If you look through the product pages for Amazon’s new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets, you won’t see many mentions of Android. The company lets you know that you can run Android apps and games, and that’s about it. But just like the original Kindle Fire, Amazon’s new tablets run a customized version […]

Amazon’s new tablets feature “special offers” ads on the home screen

Amazon introduced a new line of Kindle Fire tablets today, with starting prices ranging from $159 to $499. But there’s a slight catch. Those are the prices for tablets with “special offers.” Amazon has been using advertising to subsidize the price of its E Ink Kindle eBook readers since last year. But this is the […]