Amazon knocks up to $50 off the price of a Kindle in Valentine’s Day sale

Amazon is running sales on Kindle devices in advance of Valentine’s Day. You can pick up a Kindle eReader in Europe for €59 (about €20 off the regular price) or in the UK for £59 (about £10 off). That deal isn’t available in the US, but if you’re in the states you can save up to $50 on a […]

Kindle Fire HD bootloader cracked, CyanogenMod 10 is on the way

Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire tablets are faster than last year’s model, have updated software, and the Kindle Fire HD models also feature higher-resolution displays than the original Kindle Fire. But this year’s models also have locked bootloaders, which makes it a bit trickier to replace Amazon’s software with a custom operating system than it was […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD update adds Swype keyboard, camera app

Amazon’s latest software update for the Kindle Fire HD add support for the company’s new “Kindle Free Time Unlimited” subscription service for kid-friendly books, movies, and apps. But it turns out that’s not the only new feature the update brings. Amazon is also adding the Swype keyboard to the latest Kindle Fire tablets, and offering […]

Kindle Free Time Unlimited offers subscription-based books, apps, media for kids

Amazon is launching a new subscription service that offers up a range of kid-friendly content including apps, games, books, and movies and TV shows for Kindle Fire tablet users. Kindle Free Time Unlimited features content designed for kids between 3 and 8 years old, and it costs $2.99 per month for Amazon Prime members of […]

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 ROM ported to the Samsung Nexus S smartphone

Developers have been porting custom firmware such as CyanogenMod and AOKP to run on Amazon Kindle Fire tablets since the first models hit the streets last year. The latest Kindle tablets have been a tougher nut to crack thanks to their locked bootloaders. But one developer has decided to work in the other direction: By […]

Safestrap lets you load custom recovery on Kindle Fire HD (and eventually custom ROMS too)

Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire tablets including the Kindle Fire 2 and Kindle Fire HD 7 and 8.9 inch tablets have locked bootloaders. That probably doesn’t matter much if you plan to just run the operating system that came with your tablet. But it causes a bit of a headache for folks that want to load […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 start shipping

Amazon is now shipping its 8.9 inch Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. You know, the one with the 1920 x 1200 pixel display, 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4470 dual core processor, and a starting price of $299. If you’ve already pre-ordered, your tablet should arrive soon. On the other hand if you haven’t yet placed an […]

Kindle Fire HD hack: Bootloader bypass means custom recovery, custom ROMs coming soon

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet ships with a highly customized version of Google Android 4.0 that’s tied to Amazon’s app, music, book, and video stores. The 7 inch Kindle Fire HD has a 1280 x 800 pixel display and more storage than the original Kindle Fire… but unlike the 2011 model, the new Fire […]

Amazon wants to be big in Japan, launches Kindle line

Amazon has been working to expand its Kindle business around the globe, and the latest stop is Japan. The company has announced that the Kindle Store is now open in Japan and the Kindle Fire, Kindle HD, and Kindle Paperwhite are all up for pre-order. Amazon’s 7 inch Android tablets will ship in Japan starting […]