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Deals of the Day (9-24-2013)

Yesterday we brought you a few great deals on the latest Barnes & Noble tablets. Today it’s Amazon’s turn (although that B&N NOOK sale is going on for a few more days). Amazon will likely introduce its third-generation Kindle Fire tablets soon, but that just means that it’s getting easier and easier to find a […]

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Amazon’s software update for Kindle Fire tablets, adds features, breaks root

OK, that headline applies to pretty much every software update Amazon has ever released for a Kindle Fire device. But this time it’s true for three different tablets. Amazon has pushed software updates to the Kindle Fire 2, Kindle Fire HD 7, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9. All three updates bring new features to folks […]

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Kindle Fire HD bootloader cracked, CyanogenMod 10 is on the way

Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire tablets are faster than last year’s model, have updated software, and the Kindle Fire HD models also feature higher-resolution displays than the original Kindle Fire. But this year’s models also have locked bootloaders, which makes it a bit trickier to replace Amazon’s software with a custom operating system than it was […]

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Installing Google Play Store on the rooted Kindle Fire HD

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD  7 inch tablet comes with access to tens of thousands of apps from Amazon’s Appstore for Android. But there are more than 600,000 apps available in the Google Play Store for other Android phones or tablets. While Amazon’s tablet doesn’t come with access to the Play Store, it turns out you […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD has a locked bootloader

Shortly after the first Amazon Kindle tablet was released in November, 2011, hackers rooted the tablet and then started installing custom firmware replacing Amazon’s firmware with other versions of Android. Now that the 2nd generation Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD are shipping, hackers are finding it a slightly tougher nut to crack. Unlike […]

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Amazon releases software updates for Kindle Fire HD, new Kindle Fire

Customers who pre-ordered Amazon’s 2nd generation Kindle Fire or the 7 inch kindle Fire HD are just starting to receive their tablets. But Amazon has already pushed out the first software updates for these tablets. Amazon doesn’t spell out the features included in the software updates, but they’re design to “optimize … performance and functionality.” […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 review roundup: Not bad for $199

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet is set to ship on Friday, and the first reviews are in. Long story short? The Kindle Fire HD has a slightly faster processor and a higher resolution display than Amazon’s first 7 inch tablet. It also gets better battery life. But it’s not perfect. The tablet also […]