Deals of the Day (8-08-2016)

You’d think the best place to score a good price on an Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablet, or Kindle eReader would be, you know… Amazon. And most of the time you’d be right in thinking that. Amazon’s products are generally pretty competitively priced, and the company regularly offers promotions that let you pick up its […]

Deals of the Day (6-14-2016)

With a starting price of $40, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the cheapest solutions for turning any TV (with an HDMI input) into a smart TV. But if you want a model with Amazon’s Voice Remote the price climbs to $50. Or you can just buy a refurbished model for $35 — the same […]

Amazon brings new Alexa voice controls to Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV products already support Alexa voice search features if you use a voice-enabled remote control or the Fire TV app on your smartphone to control your TV box. But Amazon has announced that it’s rolling out new Alexa features for the Fire TV platform, allowing you to do more things using just your […]

Deals of the Day (4-28-2016)

Amazon is running a sale on Fire TV Stick media streamers today, which means you can pick one up for as little as $35. That’s $5 off the list price, and while a $5 discount isn’t usually anything to write home about… but when it’s $5 off a $40 product, that’s actually a 12.5 percent discount. […]

Amazon Fire TV software update makes finding your apps easier (even sideloaded ones)

Amazon is rolling out a software update for its Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices, and while most of the changes in software version are bug fixes, there is one new feature designed to help you get to your apps more quickly. The new software lets you jump straight to the My Apps […]

First-gen Amazon Fire TV devices getting Fire OS 5 with Alexa support

Amazon is bringing the same software that runs on its second-gen Fire TV products to its older models. The Fire OS 5 update is now starting to roll out for the original Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Among other things, that means folks with first-gen hardware can use the Alexa digital assistant. But as […]

Deals of the Day (2-01-2016)

The original Amazon Fire TV Stick launched in 2014 as a $40 device that you could plug into your TV’s HDMI port to stream internet video or play simple games. A few months ago Amazon launched an updated model… that’s basically the same thing, but with a new remote control that supports voice search functions. […]

Amazon Fire TV sideloaded apps now visible in the main menu

Amazon is gradually rolling out an update to its Fire TV products that brings a few new features and updates Fire OS to Android 5.1 Lollipop. Among other things, Fire OS 5 adds support for Alexa voice commands if you’re using a voice remote, brings Amazon Prime Stations to the music section, and lets you […]

Now you don’t need a PlayStation to use PlayStation Vue subscription TV service

Sony launched an internet TV service called PlayStation Vue earlier this year. At the time it was only available to folks with a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 game console. Now you don’t need a Sony game console anymore. PlayStation Vue for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is now available, and Sony […]

Amazon’s new $100 Fire TV supports 4K video, Alexa voice

Amazon’s 2nd-gen Fire TV box is 75 percent faster, adds support for 4K video playback, and includes support for Alexa voice assistant features. And just like last year’s model, the new Amazon Fire TV sells for $100. The new Fire TV is available for pre-order immediately and it starts shipping on October 5th. The new model features […]