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Amazon Dash buttons discontinued (but existing users can keep buying stuff by clicking the buttons)

Amazon’s $5 Dash Buttons debuted in 2015, allowing you to buy a $5 button that you could place anywhere in your home so that you could instantly order refills from Amazon simply by pressing a button. Need more dog food? Press a button and it’s delivered within days (or hours). Out of laundry detergent? There’s […]

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Amazon Dash Wand is basically a free Alexa voice assistant (for Amazon Prime members)

Amazon’s Dash Wand has been around for a few years, allowing you to scan barcodes of products around your home to re-order them from Amazon. But the company’s latest version goes a whole lot further. That’s because in addition to placing items in your cart, you can actually place an order without ever going to […]

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Amazon Dash buttons go virtual: order one-click refills from Amazon website

Amazon Dash buttons are tiny buttons that you can use around the home to order refills on things you order regularly, like laundry detergent, trash bags, or snacks. Amazon has been selling Dash buttons to customer for $5 since 2015. But now you don’t need to buy a physical Dash button to use the one-click ordering system […]

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Amazon Dash buttons now available outside the US (in Germany, Austria, UK)

Amazon’s Dash buttons are small, internet-connected gadgets with one use: press a button to place an order for products you need to re-order regularly. Running out of toilet paper, toothpaste, or laundry detergent? There are buttons for that. Cat food and condoms too, among many other things. First offered only in the US, Amazon is […]

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Deals of the Day (7-11-2016)

Amazon’s Dash buttons are weird. Buy one from Amazon for $5, connect it to your wireless network and you can use it to order snacks, diapers, soap, or other household goods with the click of a button. Amazon will also give you a $5 credit toward your first purchase made with one, which means they’re […]

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Amazon’s latest Dash Button is the programmable $20 AWS IoT Button

Amazon’s Dash buttons are small, internet-connected buttons that usually do one thing: let you order refills of specific products from Amazon. The company sells them for $5 and gives you a $5 credit on your first order, which basically makes them free. But if you’re not the sort of person who orders a lot of […]

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Hacking Amazon’s Dash $5 shopping button for non-shopping purposes

Amazon Dash buttons are small physical buttons that you can click to order items from Amazon. The retailer will send you one for $5, and you can connect it to you Amazon account to automatically order pet food, diapers, trash bags, grocery items, laundry detergent, or other items you need to buy regularly — all […]

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Amazon Dash $5 shopping button now available… might be useful for more than shopping

Amazon Dash buttons are tiny internet-connected buttons that you can put anywhere in your house and tap to order re-fills of items you regularly purchase. First unveiled earlier this year, Amazon Dash buttons are now available for $5 each. With this battery-powered, Wi-Fi enabled button, Amazon Prime shoppers can quickly order a single item without having […]

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Amazon Dash Buttons let you order refills by pressing a plastic button

Amazon launched 20 years ago as an online bookstore, but today you can buy just about anything from the retailer including food, eBooks, and exercise equipment. But if there’s one thing that ties together all the aspects of Amazon’s business models, it’s the fact that the company wants to make it easier for you to buy […]