Amazon will end support for Dash Wand devices July 21st (effectively bricking them)

The Amazon Dash Wand is a small stick designed to make ordering (or re-ordering) products from Amazon simpler. Wave the device’s built-in scanner over barcodes of products in your home and it can re-order those items from Amazon. A few years ago Amazon launched a version of the Dash Wand with built-in support for the […]

Amazon Dash Wand can’t play music… but it lets you use Alexa for more than shopping

Amazon’s new Dash Wand is a $20 device that runs on two AA batteries, lets you scan barcodes of products around your house to order refills from Amazon, and also lets you shop with your voice thanks to integration with Amazon’s Alexa Voice service. When Amazon announced the new Dash Wand last week, I noted […]

Amazon Dash Wand is basically a free Alexa voice assistant (for Amazon Prime members)

Amazon’s Dash Wand has been around for a few years, allowing you to scan barcodes of products around your home to re-order them from Amazon. But the company’s latest version goes a whole lot further. That’s because in addition to placing items in your cart, you can actually place an order without ever going to […]