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Lilbits (8-26-2014): Asus smartwatch, Intel’s “luxury” smart bracelet, and the Moto G2

Asus plans to reveal its first smartwatch at the IFA show in Berlin next week. The company’s already told us it’ll be cheaper than other devices running Google’s Android Wear software, and now we have a slightly better idea of what it’ll look like thanks to some sketches the company has posted to Facebook. Meanwhile […]

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Allwinner unveils Allwinner A80 Octa processor

Chinese chip maker Allwinner plans to launch its first octa-core chip. The Allwinner A80 Octa features 8 processor cores and uses ARM’s big.LITTLE technology to pair a set of high-performance cores with lower-power cores in order to balance performance and battery life in phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Allwinner tells us the chip design […]