Lilbits: Ubuntu on Windows, rising smartphone shipments, and first-time Mac and iPad buyers

When Apple introduced the M1 processor late last year, the company made bold claims about its performance and efficiency. And when reviews of the new Macs powered by the chip started to come in, it turned out that those claims were largely true – Apple’s new processors are among the fastest desktop and laptop chips […]

Low-cost single-board computers with RISC-V chips are coming soon

The first single-board computers powered by an Allwinner Xuantie-C906 processor could be set to ship soon. The chip isn’t exactly a speed demon, but it is expected to be one of the most affordable processors based on RISC-V open chip architecture. Earlier this year Pine64 announced it was developing a single-board computer (SBC) featuring the […]

Lilbits: Linux laptops, RISC-V hardware, and a ransomware attack (maybe)

Purism has been selling laptops designed to emphasize privacy and software freedom for a few years. But the company’s new Purism Librem 14 is the first of its Linux laptops to feature a 14 inch display. The laptop went up for pre-order in July, but it’s taken Purism a while to get all the necessary components […]

Bootlin working on hardware-accelerated video for Allwinner devices running Linux (crowdfunding)

There are a number of small, low-power computing devices powered by Allwinner processors, including single-board computers from CHIP, Pine64, Orange Pi, and others. But whenever I write about one of these products, someone invariably points out that while they can technically run both Android and Linux, you only get hardware-accelerated graphics if you use Android. Now […]

Orange Pi One Plus is a single-board computer with Allwinner H6 processor, 4K support

Another day, another cheap, tiny computer from the folks who make the Orange Pi line of Raspberry Pi lookalikes. This time it’s the Orange Pi One Plus, a mini computer with an Allwinner H6 V200 quad-core, ARM Cortex-A53 processor and ARM Mali-T720MP2 graphics. Probably the most interesting thing about this little computer? It can support […]

Libre Computer’s new single-board PCs hit Kickstarter for $9 and up

After launching a $25 single-board computer capable of 4K video playback this summer, Libre Computer is back with several new models… and this time prices start at just $9…  if you back the company’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The new board is called Tritium, and it’s about the size and shape of a Raspberry Pi […]

Olimex Teres I is an open source, DIY laptop kit for $240

There are laptops that run open source software. And then there’s the Olimix Teres I laptop, which is not only designed to run Linux-based software, but which features open source hardware: you can find the CAD files necessary to build your own laptop at the project’s github page. In fact, even if you buy the […]

Allwinner launches new quad-core, octa-core chips (R16, R40, R58)

Chip maker Allwinner’s processors may not be popular with tablet makers these days, but the company’s chips continue to power a number of TV boxes, and the company’s taking aim at new markets such as VR headsets. The company recently launched three new processors that could be used in a range of applications. The Allwinner R16 […]