Alexa Voice Service goes visual with launch of Display Cards

Amazon is getting ready to ship its first Echo device with a built-in display. Powered by the company’s Alexa Voice Service, the new Amazon Echo Show will be able to do everything other Echo products can, plus let you make voice and video calls, monitor security camera feeds, and view text and images to go […]

Amazon Dash Wand is basically a free Alexa voice assistant (for Amazon Prime members)

Amazon’s Dash Wand has been around for a few years, allowing you to scan barcodes of products around your home to re-order them from Amazon. But the company’s latest version goes a whole lot further. That’s because in addition to placing items in your cart, you can actually place an order without ever going to […]

Pebble Core wearable supports Amazon’s Alexa voice service

The Pebble Core is a tiny, internet-connected device that you can use as a fitness tracker, music player, or smart remote control for your other gadgets. It also has a microphone, which we were originally told was for recording voice notes on the go. But it turns out there’s another use for the mic: The […]

Amazon wants Echo’s Alexa Voice Service on third-party hardware

As promised, Amazon is taking steps to let anyone incorporate the voice assistant software used by the Amazon Echo into third-party hardware. This could let computers, TV boxes, smart speakers, or pretty much any device with a microphone, speaker, and internet connection respond to voice commands by using Amazon’s technology. Amazon has launched a developer […]