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If your Google Clock alarms aren’t sounding, trying disabling Spotify ringtones

Clock apps might not be the most exciting apps available for smartphones, but they can be kind of important if you rely on them to set alarms to help you wake up in the morning or remember to do other things like take medication, leave for work, or make an important phone call. But over […]

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Amazon Echo Spot ships this week (smart speaker meets alarm clock)

What made Amazon’s Echo line of products special when the company launched its first smart speaker in 2014, was the idea of voice as the only real user interface. Put an Echo in your home and then just tell it when you want it to play music, read you the news, provide weather updates, answer […]

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Lilbits (5-05-2014): Meizu, Huawei, and Xiaomi

May is looking like a big month for Chinese device makers. Xiaomi has announced it’ll hold a press event to launch new products on May 15th, and Huawei is holding an event the same day. Meanwhile, competitor Meizu is promising to deliver something new soon… and it’ll be little… or big… or something. Update: Meizu’s […]