Google’s newest AIY projects (DIY smart speaker and camera) available for $50 and up, Raspberry Pi computer included

Google launched two do-it-yourself kits last year for assembling smart speaker and smart camera projects. The idea was to give students and educators a simple, cheap platform for building and programming their own “smart” gadgets, but not only was some assembly required… some parts were missing. If you bought last year’s AIY Projects Voice Kit you […]

Google introduces $45 AIY Vision Kit for DIY computer vision hardware projects

Google is launching a new hardware and software kit aimed at developers and hackers who want to build products that incorporate computer vision… on a budget. It’s called the AIY Vision Kit, and it’s up for pre-order from Micro Center for $45, with an expected ship date of December 31st. You’ll need to spend a […]

Hardware kit turns Raspberry Pi into a DIY Google Home (kind of)

Just a few days after Google released a software development kit for Google Assistant, allowing developers to bring Google’s voice assistant service to third-party hardware, there’s a new hardware kit that lets you turn a Raspberry Pi into an Assistant-enabled device. The AIY Projects voice kit includes a speaker, microphone, cables, arcade-style button, and a cardboard case […]