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Apple AirPods Max are $549 noise-cancelling headphones

Apple has earned a reputation over the years for offering high-quality hardware that comes at a high price tag. But the truth is some of the company’s latest phones, laptops, and desktops have starting prices that are pretty competitive (even if you have to pay a pretty penny for upgraded specs). But Apple’s new wireless, […]

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Apple launches $249 AirPods Pro noise-cancelling earbuds

Apple wasn’t the first company to launch a set of truly-wireless earbuds, but the company’s $159 AirPods have become rather iconic over the last few years, for better or worse. Meanwhile, the company’s entry into the space probably did a lot to spur other companies to launch their own wireless earbuds that compete in either […]

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Apple’s 2nd-gen AirPods offer 50 percent longer battery life

Other companies may be selling truly wireless earbuds for as little as $15, but Apple is sticking with its $159 starting price for its AirPods. But the company says its new 2nd-gen AirPods do offer a better experience for the same price. Apple says they include a brand new Apple H1 chip which offers better […]

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Apple AirPod replacements cost $69 (per ear)

Apple’s AirPods are a set of completely wireless earbuds: place one in each ear, connect to your phone via Bluetooth and start listening to music (or podcasts, or whatever). But since there’s no cable connecting on AirPod earbud to the other, a lot of folks have wondered what happens if one falls out of your […]

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Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones now available for $159

Apple is now selling its AirPods for $159, a little later than expected. When the company first introduced the wireless earbuds in September, the plan had been to begin shipping AirPods to customers in October. But the company delayed the launch for unspecified reasons. This is the first set of truly wireless earbuds from Apple: there’s […]

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$10 strap makes Apple’s AirPods wireless earbuds a little harder to lose (and a little less wireless)

Apple’s AirPods are a $159 set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed for use with Apple products (although they can also be used with any device that supports Bluetooth audio). While Bluetooth headphones are nothing new, the AirPods are one of a handful of “truly wireless” earbud products that don’t have any wires at all. There’s not […]

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Charge an iPhone 7 while using wired headphones… with a pricey dock or dongle

Apple says it took “courage” to launch an iPhone without a headphone jack. The internet seems to disagree. But on a more practical level, how exactly are you supposed to use headphones with an iPhone 7? Well, you have a few options: use wireless headphones like Apple’s new AirPods. Use special headphones that connect to the phone’s […]

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Apple’s $159 Airpods are wireless, cord-free earbuds for iOS, macOS, and Apple Watch products

One of the most widely anticipated features of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is a missing feature: the headphone jack. Apple’s new phones are the company’s first without 3.5mm audio jacks. Instead, the company offers two options for folks that want to use headphones: plug them into the same lightning port that you […]