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Lilbits: PineNote, Sony LinkBuds, and Intel’s foundry business

Pine64 is a company which develops hardware aimed at open source software enthusiasts and then encourages independent developers to create the software that will run on it. So far that approach has generated results with a series of affordable laptops, smartphones, and a tablet. The company’s most recent product is a $399 E Ink tablet […]

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chips with Adreno 530 graphics coming in 2016

Qualcomm’s next chips for premium smartphones and tablets is coming in the first half or 2016, and while Qualcomm isn’t saying much else about the Snapdragon 820 processor itself for now, the company is starting to paint a picture of the chip’s new Adreno 530 graphics processor. According to Qualcomm, the new graphics processor will offer up to 40 […]

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Open source driver for Qualcomm Adreno graphics under development

ARM-based chips are all the rage these days in tablets, smartphones, set-top-boxes, and other low power computing devices. But while many of the latest chips can support HD video, 3D graphics, and other high-performance graphics, you generally need to use supported software to get all the benefits — because chip makers don’t offer open source […]

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Qualcomm’s new dual core 1.5 GHz chip benchmarked: It’s really fast

The Qualcomm Snapdragon MSMS8660 chip isn’t ready for prime time yet, but the folks at Anandtech managed to get their hands on a sample phone with the chip inside for testing purposes. The chip is a dual core system-on-a-chip with a 1.5 GHz clock speed and an Adreno 220 GPU as well as a cellular […]

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Qualcomm unveils quad-core, 2.5 GHz Snapdragon mobile chips

You know how last year the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip was all the rage with phone makers thanks to its super speedy 1 GHz clock speed and decent graphics performance? This year it seems like NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chip has been grabbing all the headlines thanks to its 1 GHz dual core architecture and higher performance […]