Soon it could be easier to know if an SD card is fast enough for your mobile apps

Since the launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google’s mobile operating system has supported “adoptable storage,” allowing users of some phones to use a removable microSD card as if it were internal storage. But not all microSD cards are equal… and some are so much slower than the built-in storage in a phone that using the […]

Hack brings adoptable storage to Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones officially go on sale today, and not only do they have speedy new processors, new cameras, and bigger batteries than their predecessors. The new phones also bring back a feature that was missing from the Galaxy S6 series: removable storage. There’s just one catch: while the Galaxy […]

Orphaned storage? Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 skip Android 6.0’s “adoptable storage”

Samsung and LG both announced their flagship smartphones for 2016 this week, and both the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 feature microSD card readers… which wasn’t a given. Samsung has long included support for removable storage in its smartphones, but last year’s Galaxy S6 did not have a microSD card slot. But it looks like both […]