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Lilbits: AI everywhere, aCropalypse and the Windows Snipping Tool, and NVIDIA’s new GPUs for mobile workstations

Google unveiled its answer to ChatGPT in February. Now it’s available for testing… by a select few folks in the US and UK who add their name to a waitlist. Meanwhile Microsoft’s Bing AI ChatBot still technically has a waitlist, but the company seems to be granting access immediately to anyone who signs up from a […]

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Lilbits: Anbernic Win600, AMD Mendocino, and Adobe’s free Photoshop web app

Before AYA and AYN unveiled handheld gaming PCs with starting prices below the $300 mark, Anbernic announced it was working on a cheap Windows handheld called the Win600. We still don’t actually know that much about it, but while the company hasn’t announced specs, pricing or a release date yet, Anbernic has released a video […]

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Lilbits: Raspberry Pi-powered storage server, Android 12’s new Internet tile, and Palm’s new earbuds

A company called KubeSail is introducing a compact network-attached storage device called the PiBox 2 mini which, as the name suggests, is powered by Raspberry Pi hardware. Up for pre-order through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for $250 and up with an expected ship date of March, 2022, it’s designed to work with up to two […]

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Lilbits: Intel Tiger Lake-H reviews, Optane memory H20 coming soon, and Photoshop comes to Windows on ARM

Intel’s 11th-gen, 45-watt laptop processors have arrived, and the embargo on reviews lifted today. The good news is that the new Intel chips really do offer some of the best performance of any x86 processor in this class… when it comes to single-threaded performance. But when it comes to multi-threaded performance, AMD’s Ryzen 5000H series […]

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Lilbits: New software for very old phones, more native apps for Macs with M1 chips

Google and Qualcomm may have partnered on an initiative that will make it easier for Android phone makers to release software and security updates for up to four years, but it’s still up to individual companies to decide whether to follow through. Meanwhile, independent developers continue to support many phones long after they’ve been abandoned by […]

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Lilbits: Facebook faces antitrust suits, Google plans big changes for Chrome, and Adobe Flash is finally (almost) dead

Facebook wasn’t the first social network – remember MySpace and Friendster? And it’s not exactly the last one standing. Twitter’s still a thing. But Facebook is the biggest, most influential social network in the US, at least… and according to new lawsuits filed by the FTC and 48 attorneys general, Facebook abused its market dominance […]

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Apple’s new chips could be good news for Windows on ARM (Adobe release Photoshop Beta for both platforms)

The Apple M1 processor powering the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini is getting rave reviews for performance and power efficiency. Since the chances of Apple selling its chips to other PC makers are close to zero, you might think that this is only good news for Mac users. But there are a […]

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Lilbits 342: Facebook’s next device might be for your TV

Facebook’s probably on your phone. You might use it on your computer from time to time. And the company recently introduced a smart speaker/display/video calling gadget called Facebook Portal that puts Facebook in your living room, kitchen, or anywhere else in your house. So what’s next? According to a report from Cheddar, Facebook wants to […]